Question: What is the difference between OASIS and M3?

Many times, we are asked at the office, what is the difference between M3 and OASIS? Hopefully after reading this blog, you can get a better understanding of what unique differences each offers.

First, it is important to note that M3 and OASIS are the interface to access your catalog. Any changes you make in OASIS are reflected in M3 and vice versa. You do not need to make changes in OASIS and then go to M3 and make the same change, changes are pushed throughout.

Also, it is important to note, M3 and OASIS use the same username (1) and password (Your School Code) to login to your system.


Where do I find OASIS: The internet and more specifically, a web address usually started by….

OASIS is a web based interface. It is not installed on your computer; instead you access your catalog by going onto a website.  This is the newest product put out by Mandarin. Being web based, you access OASIS through a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). This is no different than using email, Facebook, or any other website you already visit on the web.


Image: First screen you will see upon arriving at OASIS, sign in is located at top right hand corner of screen. Once signed in, Cataloging window will look almost identical to this image.

Image: Circulation screen for OASIS. Same functions as M3 but displayed on a different interface

Image: Circulation screen for OASIS. Same functions as M3 but displayed on a different interface

M3 Windows Client

Where Do I Find M3: M3 can be found on your desktop or menu located on the bottom of your screen (See Images Below)

M3 icons   OR   M3Desktop

M3 is the traditional Windows based product. It is installed on your local computer. This is the system that many have been using for years.  Cataloging, Circulation, Group Editor, and Report Tool are its own separate module for M3.


Image: M3 Cataloging Screen


Image: M3 Circulation Screen


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